The APAX evo

Perfect in every phase of flying

The Apax EVOlution is a newly designed wing based on its predecessor. The tried and tested were applied and new technologies were added.

The Apax evo is a loyal companion even beyond the learning phase - whether on the mountain, on the winch, with a paramotor or even with a trike, beginners and professionals will enjoy this high-tech product. Three attractive color variations are available.

The design plays with the light - due to the flooding of light, the motive of the upper sail shines elegantly into the lower sail. Visually based on its predecessor, the Apax evo is a real eye-catcher on every airport and in the air.

The Apax EVO is perfect in every phase of flying:


The different colored lines and risers ensure clarity at the airfield. By using the highest quality materials such as Dyneema lines, the glider offers great durability.


Starting phase

In the starting phase, the Apax EVO scores particularly well: A short impulse at the A-risers and the glider comes straight up without tilting sideways or shooting forward.



This glider convinces with its excellent flight behavior. The wing handles easy for beginners - advanced pilots can, however, be surprised by its performance. All its dynamics are developed when the trimmers are opened. The wing balances out the engine torque very well.


Landing characteristics

The large reserves during the flare ensures a very relaxed landing behavior: this glider does not swing or sag. It always lands safely in different wind conditions.



The tidy and simple riser design makes the pre-flight check even easier. The main lines of the different levels are colored differently so that identification is very easy.

In addition to the paramotor typical trimmers, the Apax Evo also has an acceleration system, which can be operated with a standard speedbar.

The height-adjustable brake mount can be individually adapted to the needs of the pilot.



The very good starting properties are achieved by the S-Inlet technology, which keeps the cells open before the filling process. The paraglider rises easily and straight over the pilot. A low take-off speed in combination with a high buoyancy was taken into account in the construction in order to get into the air quickly and easily.


Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT)

The EPT reduces tiny deformations in the wing profile. The pressure change in the cap is thus kept as constant as possible. The glider flies more stable and comfortable in moving air.


The Apax evo comes in three color variants.

Sizes Apax evo

Area Engine class Freeflight
24m² 65-120kg 65/90kg
26m² 75-120kg 75/100kg
28m² 58-140kg 85/110kg