13,85 kg

The F23 -made in Germany- is the most powerful motor for trikes <120 kg. The boxer design has always been tried and tested in aircraft construction because it offers a complete mass balance. You can rely on this indestructible 500 cc engine, it is powerful and compact.



The belt transmission reliably transfers the power to the engine. The belt is conveniently tensioned via an eccentric bearing. The reduction ratio is 3.08: 1.



This engine is air-cooled. The enlarged cylinder heads specially adapted by Fresh Breeze offer a significantly larger cooling surface. In connection with the air scoops, the incoming air is guided perfectly to the point of greatest heat.



A motor meter is installed as standard for temperature monitoring. Exhaust gas and cylinder head temperatures can be precisely monitored with this. The alternator is also able to supply other electrical accessories with voltage. With the electric starter, the engine can be started even at low temperatures.



The exhaust system specially developed by Fresh Breeze is perfectly matched to the engine speed. As usual in a 2-stroke engine, this resonance exhaust is an essential component of the engine and is largely responsible for its power release. This indestructible exhaust has passed all the noise tests required for ultralight flying.


Walbro carburetor

The weight-optimized overall concept of the engine includes the optimal mixture preparation using two membrane carburetors. Matching the rest of the engine, this eliminates the need for a fuel pump because it is integrated in the carburetor.


1,75m propeller

The Autogyro propeller consists of the blades and the propeller hub. This design makes it possible to influence the pitch angle of the propeller and thus fine-tune the device to the flight conditions.



Weitere technische Details erhalten sie bei Hirth

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