Hirth 3503

13,85 kg


The electrical system is the most extensive on this aircraft. In addition to the fully electronic injection system, there is also plenty of generator power, e.g. for radio, heating clothing, anti-collision light available. Of course, this engine also has an electric starter.



Part of the engine concept is the relatively low propeller speed. This ensures the incomparable, quiet and low-vibration flight experience. The fully enclosed gearbox with the gear ratio of 3.65: 1 is almost wear-free and requires only little maintenance. The centrifugal clutch can be found on the gearbox, which also offers great safety during take-off and landing with this high-performance device.



The exhaust system specially developed by Fresh Breeze is perfectly matched to the engine speed. As usual in a 2-stroke engine, this resonance exhaust is an essential component of the engine and is largely responsible for its power release. This indestructible exhaust has passed all the noise tests required for ultralight flying.



The mixture preparation of the XCitor takes place via an electronically controlled injection system. Temperature and air pressure have an influence on the mixture. This ensures optimal combustion at any altitude. In conjunction with water cooling, the engine is able to process a low-oil fuel mixture of 1: 100.


Helix propeller

Together, the interlocking blade roots form the hub of the propeller and are fixed in place using a propeller pressure plate.

This propeller is optionally equipped with an integrated nickel-cobalt protective edge, which makes it particularly resistant even under extreme conditions, e.g. use in the desert.

The fixed twisted blade profile is specially designed for the XCitor, so no adjustment of the pitch is necessary.

HTC propeller

The Autogyro propeller consists of the blades and the propeller hub. This design makes it possible to change the pitch of the propeller and thus to fine-tune the device to the flight conditions.



The liquid cooling system also does an excellent job in extreme conditions - from Northern Siberia to the desert. The air intake ensures the optimal flow to the cooler, which significantly reduces turbulence in front of the propeller. A thermostat ensures the optimal operating temperature of the engine.



Weitere technische Details erhalten sie bei Hirth

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